This course is for professionals who feel demotivated and want to gain more insight into conflict, drama, and organizational politics and understand what it is all about. The introductory price is valid until Jan. 1, 2024.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Understand the difference between conflict, drama, and organizational politics.

  • Analyze conflicts, strategize, and implement solutions swiftly.

  • Face triggering incidents with ease and confidence.

  • Use daily challenges to self-coach, grow, and move ahead.

  • Use robust methods and feel secure in the face of adversity.

Content of the Course

    1. Session Overview

    2. Welcome & Prep

    3. Intake Interview / 30 min.

    4. Homework: Conflict Inventory

    1. Session Overview

    2. Why & How

    3. Homework: Trigger Analysis, Personality Test, and the book "Anger Management - Never Explode Again".

    4. Fridays Q&A Call

    1. Session Overview

    2. You & The Conflict

    3. Homework: Work Environment Scan

    4. Fridays Q&A Call

    1. Session Overview

    2. The Environment & The Conflict

    3. Homework: “The Other” Scan

    4. Fridays Q&A Call

    1. Session Overview

    2. The Other & The Conflict

    3. Homework: Prepare 1-2 Case Studies with the STOP, 1, 2, 3 Model

    4. Fridays Q&A Call

    1. Session overview

    2. Resolving Conflicts

    3. Homework: Choose & prepare a case for Implementation Week

    4. Fridays Q&As

LIVE Online Course

  • €449,00
  • 8 weeks, incl. implementation week
  • 7 Sessions á 1,5 hrs and 5 Q&A Calls á 1 hr
  • Courses begin regularly. Team Cohorts are possible.

Bonus material

  • 1:1 Intake & Exit Sessions

    At the beginning and end of the course, you will have a 1:1 conversation with the instructor. This will help you tailor the course to suit your needs.

  • Tight-knit community

    You can share, learn from, and work with others in the group, breakouts, Facebook group, 1:1 with another participant, and instructor.

  • Access to the instructor

    During the 8-week course, you will have email access to the instructor for support and questions.

Your Host & Instructor

Dr. med. Zarmina Penner, MBA, MAS Business, Team & Personal Coach

Zarmina has 20+ years of coaching experience in the corporate world. She received her medical degree and doctorate from the University of Bonn, Germany. She also holds a degree in Medical Informatics (CBI Institute, Germany). Furthermore, she obtained her MBA from Ashridge Management College (UK) and a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Integrated Health Sciences (Graz, Austria). She is Hogan Assessments® certified and received the 2015 EuroExcellence Award for Mentoring from the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA).


Professional and compassionate

Female client, 37 yrs

"Zarmina is a great person. Very professional and analytical, but at the same time, compassionate. She can read people very well, grasp the situation at lightning speed, and give you constructive food for thought in her calm and objective way, enabling you to help yourself."

Experience & empathy

Female client, 25 yrs

“In my opinion, Zarmina is not only the best coach I can imagine but a true master of life. Her experiences, along with exceptionally high professionalism, empathy, and various coaching methods, have invariably helped me. Our conversations are intense and intriguing because I get to know myself anew after every interaction with her. I am incredibly grateful that I got to know Zarmina. She is an asset to my life!”

Great inspiration!

Female client, 43 yrs

„Zarmina has always been a great inspiration to me. Her clear view of people, things, and situations and her direct and constructive feedback brings you back to earth. She has a great sense of people and, besides her expertise, never loses sight of the individual subtleties of her counterpart.“

Determined & responsible

Male client, 27 yrs

“Zarmina is polite but determined and very aware of herself and others. She assesses objectively and factually. She is responsible and expects others to be too.”

Extraordinary ability

Male client, 42 yrs

"Zarmina has the extraordinary ability to read other people's thoughts, feelings, and inner states quickly. She captures all connections and sees the “big picture.” From this, she draws her conclusions and has a solution for almost any challenge and hurdles in store, which participants of the process can further develop and implement for themselves."

Empower yourself and learn the essential life skill of mastering conflict and drama!